Ayako Goh

Ayako is a healer, shaman, medium and artist from Singapore. Since her childhood, she has been in close contact with nature and her beings and she is sharing her knowlegde and deep wisdom with interested people. On her way, she as a Buddhist was strongly influenced by several personal teachings from the Dalai Lama. As an assistant and shamanic adoptive daughter of the Maori Eldest Te Waimatao Turoa-Morgan and the Tohunga Whakairo Dave Hegglun she has accompanied and supported them over many years on their travels and in several seminars in Europe, Asia and New Zealand. The stengthening and healing of Mother Earth is one of her central concerns, that is why she often travels to burdend places all over the world (e.g. to Fukushima, Tibet, Nepal, Taiwan) to make her contribution and harmonize the land, its beings and the people (e.g. after environmental disasters, earthquakes or storms).